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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-May-201521-cm signatures of residual HI inside cosmic HII regions during reionizationWatkinson, CA; Mesinger, A; Pritchard, JR; Sobacchi, E
1-Aug-20143D cosmic shear: cosmology from CFHTLenSKitching, TD; Heavens, AF; Alsing, J; Erben, T; Heymans, C, et al
11-May-20153D weak gravitational lensing of the CMB and galaxiesKitching, TD; Heavens, AF; Das, S
21-Aug-20033D weak lensingHeavens, A
21-Oct-2014A Bayesian self-clustering analysis of the highest energy cosmic rays detected by the Pierre Auger ObservatoryKhanin, A; Mortlock, DJ
2-Mar-2011A coverage study of the CMSSM based on ATLAS sensitivity using fast neural networks techniquesBridges, M; Cranmer, K; Feroz, F; Hobson, M; Ruiz de Austri, R, et al
18-Apr-2013A dust-obscured massive maximum-starburst galaxy at a redshift of 6.34Riechers, DA; Bradford, CM; Clements, DL; Dowell, CD; Perez-Fournon, I, et al
30-Jun-2011A luminous quasar at a redshift of z=7.085Mortlock, DJ; Warren, SJ; Venemans, BP; Patel, M; Hewett, PC, et al
3-May-2006A Markov chain Monte Carlo analysis of the CMSSMDe Austri, RR; Trotta, R; Roszkowski, L
1-Feb-2010A new approach to probing primordial non-GaussianityMunshi, D; Heavens, A
1-Nov-2014A New SATIRE-S Spectral Solar Irradiance Reconstruction for Solar Cycles 21-23 and Its Implications for Stratospheric OzoneBall, WT; Krivova, NA; Unruh, YC; Haigh, JD; Solanki, SK
19-Jul-2017A Space-based Observational Strategy for Characterizing the First Stars and Galaxies Using the Redshifted 21cm Global SpectrumBurns, JO; Bradley, R; Tauscher, K; Furlanetto, S; Mirocha, J, et al
3-Nov-2016A steeper than linear disk mass-stellar mass scaling relationPascucci, I; Testi, L; Herczeg, GJ; Long, F; Manara, CF, et al
13-Oct-2017Accreting Transition Discs with large cavities created by X-ray photoevaporation in C and O depleted discsErcolano, B; Weber, ML; Owen, JE
21-Feb-2009Accurate estimators of power spectra in N-body simulationsColombi, S; Jaffe, A; Novikov, D; Pichon, C
13-Oct-2015An accurate halo model for fitting non-linear cosmological power spectra and baryonic feedback modelsMead, AJ; Peacock, JA; Heymans, C; Joudaki, S; Heavens, AF
8-Oct-2015An ALMA survey for disks orbiting low-mass stars in the TW Hya AssociationRodriguez, DR; Van der Plas, G; Kastner, JH; Schneider, AC; Faherty, JK, et al
29-Sep-2003An estimate of Omega(m) without conventional priorsFeldman, H; Juszkiewicz, R; Ferreira, P; Davis, M; Gaztanaga, E, et al
4-Sep-2017An introduction to the Planck missionClements, DL
-Application of Data Compression Methods to the Redshift-space distortions of the PSCz galaxy catalogueTaylor, AN; Ballinger, WE; Heavens, AF; Tadros, H
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 282
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