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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Sep-2016Standardizing type Ia supernovae optical brightness using near infrared rebrightening timeShariff, H; Dhawan, S; Jiao, X; Leibundgut, B; Trotta, R, et al
1-Oct-2018Photoevaporation and high-eccentricity migration created the sub-Jovian desertOwen, JE; Lai, D; The Royal Society
21-Mar-2018A likely planet-induced gap in the disc around T ChaHendler, NP; Pinilla, P; Pascucci, I; Pohl, A; Mulders, G, et al
10-Jul-2018Inside-Out Planet Formation. V. Structure of the Inner Disk as Implied by the MRIMohanty, S; Jankovic, MR; Tan, JC; Owen, JE; The Royal Society
13-Oct-2017Accreting Transition Discs with large cavities created by X-ray photoevaporation in C and O depleted discsErcolano, B; Weber, ML; Owen, JE; The Royal Society
5-Feb-2018Atmospheric reconnaissance of the habitable-zone Earth-sized planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1De Wit, J; Wakeford, HR; Lewis, NK; Delrez, L; Gillon, M, et al
1-Apr-2019Close-in super-Earths: The first and the last stages of planet formation in an MRI-accreting discJankovic, MR; Owen, JE; Mohanty, S; The Royal Society
31-Oct-2018Metallicity-dependent signatures in the Kepler planetsOwen, JE; Murray-Clay, R; The Royal Society
1-Jul-2019The dispersal of protoplanetary discs - I. A new generation of X-ray photoevaporation modelsPicogna, G; Ercolano, B; Owen, JE; Weber, ML; The Royal Society
21-Nov-2019Effects of magnetic fields on the location of the evaporation valley for low-mass exoplanetsOwen, JE; Adams, FC; The Royal Society