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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jun-2016A systematic review of randomised controlled trials in rheumatoid arthritis: the reporting and handling of missing data in composite outcomesIbrahim, F; Tom, BDM; Scott, DL; Prevost, AT
29-Jun-2015Levodopa induced dyskinesias: increased serotonin to dopamine transporter ratios in the putamen of Parkinson's disease patientsRoussakis, A-A; Politis, M; Towey, D; Piccini, P
3-Jun-2016Borderline personality disorder and violence in the UK population: categorical and dimensional trait assessmentGonzalez, RA; Igoumenou, A; Kallis, C; Coid, JW
17-Jun-2014Aortic stiffness as a marker of cardiac function and myocardial strain in patients undergoing aortic valve replacementKidher, E; Harling, L; Ashrafian, H; Naase, H; Francis, DP, et al
19-Jun-2014Surgical management of superior vena cava syndrome following pacemaker lead infection: a case report and review of the literatureKokotsakis, J; Chaudhry, UAR; Tassopoulos, D; Harling, L; Ashrafian, H, et al
5-Apr-2014Surgical repair of distal arch psendoaneurysm from ruptured penetrating aortic ulcer with the frozen elephant trunk techniqueKokotsakis, J; Tassopoulos, D; Ttofi, J; Harling, L; Ashrafian, H, et al
24-Jun-2014Does off-pump coronary revascularization confer superior organ protection in re-operative coronary artery surgery? A meta-analysis of observational studiesSepehripour, AH; Harling, L; Ashrafian, H; Casula, R; Athanasiou, T
20-Sep-2014Late surgical repair of a traumatic ventricular septal defectHarling, L; Ashrafian, H; Casula, RP; Athanasiou, T
9-May-2014Pleiotropic genes for metabolic syndrome and inflammationKraja, AT; Chasman, DI; North, KE; Reiner, AP; Yanek, LR, et al
24-Sep-2014Microbes Central to Human ReproductionReid, G; Brigidi, P; Burton, JP; Contractor, N; Duncan, S, et al