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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jun-2007Atomic resolution insight into host cell recognition by Toxoplasma gondii.Blumenschein, TM; Friedrich, N; Childs, RA; Saouros, S; Carpenter, EP, et al
20-Jul-2007Detailed structural insights into the p97-Npl4-Ufd1 interface.Isaacson, RL; Pye, VE; Simpson, P; Meyer, HH; Zhang, X, et al
5-Sep-2007Structural insights into the transcriptional and translational roles of Ebp1.Monie, TP; Perrin, AJ; Birtley, JR; Sweeney, TR; Karakasiliotis, I, et al
15-Oct-2010Structural insights into serine-rich fimbriae from Gram-positive bacteria.Ramboarina, S; Garnett, JA; Zhou, M; Li, Y; Peng, Z, et al
1-May-2013Structures of the Compact Helical Core Domains of Feline Calicivirus and Murine Norovirus VPg ProteinsLeen, EN; Kwok, KYR; Birtley, JR; Simpson, PJ; Subba-Reddy, CV, et al
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