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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Mar-2017Counter-propagating radiative shock experiments on the Orion laser and the formation of radiative precursorsClayson, T; Suzuki-Vidal, F; Lebedev, SV; Swadling, GF; Stehle, C, et al
24-Feb-2015Formation of radiatively cooled, supersonically rotating, plasma flows in Z-pinch experiments: Towards the development of an experimental platform to study accretion disk physics in the laboratoryBennett, MJ; Lebedev, SV; Hall, GN; Suttle, L; Burdiak, G, et al
20-Apr-2016Tritium calibration of the LUX dark matter experimentAkerib, DS; Araujo, HM; Bai, X; Bailey, AJ; Balajthy, J, et al
20-Apr-2016Improved Limits on Scattering of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles from Reanalysis of 2013 LUX DataAkerib, DS; Araujo, HM; Bai, X; Bailey, AJ; Balajthy, J, et al
1-Jan-2019The liquid-hydrogen absorber for MICEBayliss, V; Boehm, J; Bradshaw, T; Courthold, M; Harrison, S, et al
12-Feb-2018RF system for the MICE demonstration of ionisation coolingRonald, K; Whyte, CG; Dick, AJ; Young, AR; Li, D, et al
30-Apr-2019MAUS: the MICE analysis user softwareAsfandiyarov, R; Bayes, R; Blackmore, V; Bogomilov, M; Coiling, D, et al
27-Mar-2018Consistency tests for the extraction of the Boer-Mulders and Sivers functionsChristova, E; Leader, E; Stoilov, M;
3-Nov-2016Problem of kinematic mass corrections for unpolarized semi-inclusive deep inelastic scatteringChristova, E; Leader, E;
21-Feb-2018A proposed measurement of optical orbital and spin angular momentum and its implications for photon angular momentumLeader, E;