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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jan-2016A case study of Japanese language teaching in a multicultural learning environmentWinch, J
15-Aug-2015A comparative study of Anglophone and Japanese language teaching approaches to multicultural studentsWinch, J
1-Jun-2019A framework for assessing impacts of wild meat hunting practices in the tropicsDobson, ADM; Milner-Gulland, EJ; Ingram, DJ; Keane, A
5-Oct-2015A nocturnal atmospheric loss of CH2I2 in the remote marine boundary layerCarpenter, LJ; Andrews, SJ; Lidster, RT; Saiz-Lopez, A; Fernandez-Sanchez, M, et al
30-Sep-2016A randomised controlled trial of three very brief interventions for physical activity in primary carePears, S; Bijker, M; Morton, K; Vasconcelos, J; Parker, RA, et al
3-Jul-2018A skill to be worked at: Using social learning theory to explore the process of learning from role models in clinical settingsHorsburgh, JL; Ippolito, K
2-Mar-2015A standardised, holistic framework for concept-map analysis combining topological attributes and global morphologiesBuhmann, SY; Kingsbury, M
18-May-2016A systematic review of low-cost laparoscopic simulatorsLi, MM; George, J
26-Feb-2016Acetaminophen administration in pediatric age: an observational prospective cross-sectional studyLubrano, R; Paoli, S; Bonci, M; Di Ruzza, L; Cecchetti, C, et al
29-Aug-2017All (4,0): Sigma models with (4,0) off-shell supersymmetryHull, C; Lindstrom, U
24-Nov-2017Amplitudes on plane waves from ambitwistor stringsAdamo, T; Casali, E; Mason, L; Nekovar, S
31-Aug-2017Antibiotic resistance and biofilm formation among coagulase-negative staphylococci isolated from clinical samples at a tertiary care hospital of eastern NepalShrestha, LB; Bhattarai, NR; Khanal, B
28-Oct-2016Aqueous humor polymerase chain reaction in uveitis - utility and safetyChronopoulos, A; Roquelaure, D; Souteyrand, G; Seebach, JD; Schutz, JS, et al
29-Nov-2019AR mRNA stability is increased with AR-antagonist resistance Via 3’ UTR variantsDart, D; Ashelford, K; Jiang, W
11-Oct-2019ASO author reflections: value of cytoreduction in extensive ovarian cancer-does surgical effort still matter?Fotopoulou, C
29-Sep-2017Assessment of intracranial pressure with ultrasonographic retrobulbar optic nerve sheath diameter measurementLiu, D; Li, Z; Zhang, X; Zhao, L; Jia, J, et al
29-Nov-2017Assessment of the thermal enhancement methods in parabolic trough collectorsBellos, E; Tzivanidis, C
5-Apr-2017Assessment of toxicity in fresh water fish Labeo rohita treated with silver nanoparticlesKhan, MS; Qureshi, NA; Jabeen, F
26-Aug-2016Association of knee pain and different definitions of knee osteoarthritis with health-related quality of life: a population-based cohort study in southern SwedenKiadaliri, AA; Lamm, CJ; De Verdier, MG; Engstrom, G; Turkiewicz, A, et al
22-Dec-2016Barriers to Treatment for Female Problem Gamblers: A UK PerspectiveKaufman, A; Nielsen, JDJ; Bowden-Jones, H
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 166